Homeless Services

If you are homeless and need assistance, please contact our office Today and Schedule an appointment with our Housing Counselors.

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Step 2 - Meet with a Housing Counselor for an intake session

Step 3 - Follow your Housing Counselor instructions and plan of action

Are you sleeping in a tent or on the street?

Are you sleeping in your car or have no where to go?

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We work with you to prepare and obtain immediate and permanent housing as quickly as possible.

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Do you need help obtaining a valid State ID?

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Do you need help obtaining clothing or food?

Do you need help obtaining disability or employment income?

Do you need social services and community resources?

Do you need help with your 1st month rent and security deposit payment?

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You May Qualify for Renter's Assistance

Ask your Housing Counselor for more information

Renter's Assistance Fund

The renter’s assistance fund is funded by the public, foundations and governmental agencies. It is administered by the board of directors, grant writers and program administrators. The fund’s goals include raising capital to assist homeless and low-income families to obtain transitional and permanent housing by providing renter’s assistance up to 24 months while working with SWB Delivers Outreach Program Housing Counselors to secure permanent housing.

The first round of funding includes a target of 3,600,000. This fund will serve approximately, 250 households with an average monthly income of $2,000 residing in California counties, Alameda, San Francisco, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Solano, Marin, San Joaquin, Sonoma, and Napa. In addition, Ramsey County in Minnesota and Berk County in Pennsylvania.

Learn More About the Renter's Assistance Fund Program - Request a copy of the Renter's Assistance Fund Summary and Eligible Use of Funds Document. Send your request to or call (510) 833-2154 Ext 5.