Our mission

To end homelessness and provide financial literacy programs that create wealth in disadvantaged communities.

Our Work

Helping People

We provide housing supportive services to the public and
affordable housing communities.

Homeless Services

We Need Solutions

In California, 72% of people experiencing homelessness are unsheltered, which is the highest share of unsheltered homelessness of any state. People experiencing unsheltered homelessness are far more likely to face health challenges, violence and trauma, and longer lengths of homelessness than people staying in shelters. We partner with nonprofits, City and County agencies to work together as a team, helping people live better lives and provide supportive services needed to help stay on track to recovery and stabilization.

Low-Income Housing

The Solution

Our housing counselors work diligently to locate permanent affordable housing opportunities for our program participants, In the interim, we also provide resources for transitional housing and community cabin living while working toward securing permanent housing.

In addition, we also provide the steps needed to prepare for permanent housing living, by offering job training & placement, documentation and credit restoration. Together, we create a plan of action to recovery and stability.

Housing Services

Supportive, Transitional and Affordable Housing

We offer an array of services for homeless, disabled, senior, veteran and low-income families. We are a one-stop shop that assist individuals and families to obtain housing, community resources needed to stabilize their lives, learn healthier eating habits and live well within their communities.

Supportive & Affordable Housing Project in Oakland, California

SWB Delivers Outreach Program, a partnership project with Strive Real Estate, LLC, Reimagine Fund LLC, and WCR Affordable Developments proposes to launch Brooklyn Arms Apartments & Navigation Center in the Rancho San Antonio District of West Oakland. The early stages of acquisition, pre-development and due diligence are being conducted and we are excited to be a part of a strong team of professionals with extensive experience in their fields. Please keep track of our progress, watch the beginning stages of the project and follow us on social media as we move along the rehab and new development process of this beautiful Historic Church, built in the 1800's. WATCH THE VIDEO - & LEARN MORE!

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Our Plan of Action

Our services begins with an initial assessment of each applicant housing and financial status to determine the best plan of action to meet our program participants needs.

Schedule An Appointment

The first step is to schedule an appointment with our housing counselor to create your plan of action and provide tools to help you stay on track with executing the plan. Your housing counselor will conduct a short intake session to best determine the first step to securing permanent housing and what's needed to do go in that direction as quickly as possible. Every household has a unique plan that we alignment with their personal circumstances.

Start Your Plan & Visit Our Credit Restoration Specialist

Your housing counselor will provide you with a plan of action and schedule your free credit restoration session. Our credit expert will help you understand how to read a credit report and stay on track with monitoring your FICO score, living within your budget and growing your knowledge of savings, investing, taxes and donations. Attend the next Financial Planning Workshop. Visit the Financial Planning Workshops page.

Need Job Training & Employment?

We specialize in job training and placement for property management industries. The property management industry is often overlooked. There are outstanding opportunities in the property management field and we want to encourage interested individuals to take a closer look. Our partners are top property management companies, staffing agencies and real estate professionals. Your Housing Counselor will provide more information regarding this opportunity.

Supportive, Affordable Housing & Community Cabins

We provide our program participants with resources through local partnerships established to assist with health and wellness support, renter's assistance and documentation while living at one of our facilities. In addition, during your stay, we are working with you to help you secure permanent housing. After you find permanent housing, we don't close your case, we provide post housing support as needed. We consider all program participants to be a family member.