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About Us

We are a group of

Real Estate Investors

members of

Strive Wealth Builders, Inc.

SWB Delivers was formed in 2016 as an extension to Strive Wealth Builders, Inc. give back to our communities' platform.  Strive Wealth Builders is a business club for real estate investors, a REIA. Community events include, but not limited to, financial literacy workshops, food pantries, housing placement services, coat drives, and collaboration with other nonprofit organizations to serve low-income communities collectively best. From the advice of counsel, SWB Delivers Outreach Program was formed on March 22, 2021. due to its prior years commitment to community work and mission to end homelessness, it was the best and natural direction to go.

Founded by Detra L. Harris, the Principal of Strive Wealth Builders Inc., and Strive Real Estate LLC, serves as a leading community activist in the housing sector for over 20 years.  Collectively she has provided over 50 doors of affordable housing opportunities to low-income seniors and families since 2007, in addition, served as an employee for top property management companies in United States, beginning her career in property management in 1990.

Due to our boots-on-the-ground approach to resolve community needs, affordable housing opportunities is our priority.  We believe housing is a human right.  We understand to successfully end this housing crisis, providing housing alone will not work.  We must also resolve the issues many homeless people suffer, such as, lack of mental illness, health, employment, and housing resources.  We must do our part as a community to help our neighbors live better lives and obtain resources, help that is needed to make a real impact and end the crisis we have created. It is not just their problem. Its everyone’s problem.

  • Our Family

    Our program beneficiaries include homeless, low-income individuals and families that fall between 0% to 60% STATE AMI

  • Our Services

    We provide access to resources that include, housing, income, financial planning, credit restoration, job training & placement, referral services to any requested support services and case monitoring.