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Low-Income Housing Services

If you would like to apply for low-income housing, Call Our Office Today and schedule an appointment to see a Housing Counselor.

(510) 833-2154 Extension 5

Our Housing Counselors will assist you to apply for low-income housing opportunities.  Your plan of action will be customize to meet your housing requests, in terms of location, unit size, income requirements and household demographics.

Your housing counselor will provide you with a list of housing opportunities, provide the application requirements and assist you to apply directly with the housing providers.

In addition, if the program participant requests renter's assistance to support the security deposit and 1st month rent, we provide resources to obtain the move-in financial support needed.

Our housing data analyst prepares extensive research to find affordable housing opportunities in 10 surrounding counties, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Solano, Napa, Santa Clara, San Joaquin and Marin.

Post Permanent Housing Services

We continue to provide support after our program participant secures permanent housing.  We consider our program participants family members and want to stay a part of their journey to re-stabilizing their lifestyles.  We encourage our program participants to attend follow up and wellness checks with their housing counselors, attend financial literacy workshops and volunteer to help someone else live a better life.