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Financial Literacy Workshop

This workshop is for beginners and intermediate learners.  Learn the basics to planning your financial future, investment strategies and how to create legacy wealth.

Instructors are volunteer professionals who has extensive experience in finance, investments and earn passive income through building legacy wealth.  

Program participants are encourage to attend this one-day workshop and learn the necessary tools to make better financial decisions, create a long lasting personal and business budget, monitor and maintain your personal identity, credit score and personal assets.  Learn how to avoid tax issues and manage your finances accordingly.

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Job Training & Placement

Job placement assistance is exclusive to training in the real estate property management industry.  Our job training courses offer program participants the opportunity to begin a career in the property management industry.  Courses include property management 101, resident manager and leasing agent training.  In addition, participants will be referred to program partners, such as staffing agencies and property management companies that support our mission to graduate our program participants into job openings within their organizations.

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