Housing Services

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Housing Counseling

Housing counseling services include assisting individuals to obtain affordable housing in existing and newly developed communities.  Housing counseling services include an initial intake session with our housing counselor and several follow-up appointments depending on the applicant's readiness to apply for housing.  

Your housing counselor will prepare a plan of action to be administered by the program participants until permanent housing is secured.  It doesn't stop there.  Once permanent housing is secured, we continue to provide post housing support to include resources and tools to help you stay on track with re-stabilizing your lifestyle.

Documentation Support

Many times, program participants need assistance with preparing rent applications, obtaining the proper documents needed to apply for housing, etc.  Our housing counselors will provide participants with the tools and resources necessary to obtain all document and application requirements needed to qualify for affordable housings.  

In addition, each participant is encouraged to attend a financial literacy workshop to sharpen household budgeting skills, create a financial plan, and learn how to invest and grow legacy wealth. Documentation and organization is important when managing your finances.

Credit Restoration Services

A part of the housing counseling services include a review of each participants credit report.  There is no charge for this service.  Our credit restoration specialist will provide participants with the tools necessary to increase their FICO scores, dispute any inconsistencies and resolve any late payments, charge-offs, delinquencies and more.

Volunteer financial planners, tax preparers and accountants assist our program participants to understand how to read their credit reports, make changes and monitor any activity regularly.